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In Vietnam, we often teach kids that only education can change life. You should be a doctor, an engineer, a businessman. Yet, there is rarely a call for being a scientist. Just as many other Asian kids, I know that I was studying not only for me, but for my parents and my family as well. “I ought to be their pride” and all I knew is studying, never knowing to stop and reflect if I enjoyed my schooling and who I was going to become. After getting a bachelor’s degree in teaching physics, I came to the U.S. and pursued my PhD in physics. Practically, it is because grad school is one of the few paths that I could afford to live in another country, learn about the world and who I was in it. At the same time, for me, physics was the only thing I could do and liked. A PhD in physics was my way to balance my family obligation and my own dream.





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