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I taught for 41 years before retiring with the last 9.5 years of teaching in Bangkok Thailand. Prior to that, I taught for 5 years in Tucson, AZ, then 8 years in Globe, AZ, and then back to Tucson for 18 more years. Initially, I taught all Chemistry classes, then in Globe, besides Chemistry, I began my journey as a Physics teacher where over the years at different schools I taught regular HS Physics, IB Physics, and College Technical Physics. Teaching both Chemistry and Physics was a great combination as I got to see students for 2 years and to encourage the Chemistry students to take Physics. In Globe, this resulted in the enrollment of girls going from 0% my first year there to ~50% my last 4-5 years there. At my last school in Tucson Physics enrollment went from 1 class to 5 classes during my years there.

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