Frequently Asked Question About AAPT Services Portal

The upgraded AAPT Services Portal is your “one-stop shopping” web page for joining AAPT, renewing your membership, updating your AAPT account information, registering for AAPT events, buying things from The Physics Store, using the AAPT Membership Directory (available to members only) and donating to AAPT.

Basic operations:

1. How do I access the AAPT Services Portal?

  • A link to the portal will be on the homepage of  Look for the "Online Services" link at top right.

2. What should you do first when using the AAPT Services Portal?

  • The first thing you should do is sign-in if you have an account since almost all Services Portal actions require you to be signed in.
  • If you don't have an account and wish to purchase something or to join AAPT, create a free account and then sign-in.
  • Please do not try to create a new account if you are already a member. Although the system will most likely identify you as an existing member, you might be able to create a duplicate account and that will lead to confusion about membership, meeting registrations, email messages, etc.

3.  Information about new sign-in procedures:

  • User ID = the email address that you put in your AAPT account. Your password is the same as it was before the upgrade.

4. How do I retrieve my username/password?

  • To retrieve username/password information, use the "Sign In" link. Use the links in "I don't know my username or password".

5.  Having difficulty logging on the new AAPT Portal Site?   Try the following steps before making password guesses and getting your account locked out.

  • 1) Visit the AAPT Portal Sign In Page:
  • 2) Use the username link, and follow the directions to confirm your logon username. Check your spam folder if the message is not delivered within a few minutes.
  • 3) Use the password reset link, and following the directions to update your account password (reminder the password is case sensitive). Check your spam folder if the message is not delivered within a few minutes.
  • 4) Visit the AAPT Portal FAQ page for additional help.
  • 5) Contact AAPT IT ( or 301-209-3337) if you receive a message that your account is locked.

6. If you have any difficulties with the AAPT Services Portal, please use the contact information below:

  • Meeting registration: 301-209-3340,
  • Membership and The Physics Store: 301-209-3336,
  • Donations: 301-209-3304,

Account Information:

How do I update my account information?

  • Go to the Portal and click on My Account. Sign-in if you are not already signed in.

 How do I edit my account information?

  • Sign-in on the Portal and go to "My Account". In "My Account", all items that are editable are shown in containers with a "pencil" icon. The "pencil" icon is located at the upper right of the container. Click on the "pencil" icon and page will be displayed in a editable state. If you change anything be sure to use the "save" button.

Why do I need to create a new username and password?

  • The new process significantly increases the security of your information.

What is my new username/password?

  • Your new username will be the email address in your AAPT account. 

Can I look up my new username/password using my old username/password?

  • No, your username will no longer be an ID number, it will now be the email address associated with your AAPT account.

 What if I am unsure of the email address associated with my account?

What is AAPT’s  information sharing policy?

  • Please look at our privacy statement on

Meeting Registration Questions:

Where do I go to register for a meeting?

  • Go to the AAPT Services Portal and click on Events Registration and pick the event you are interested in.

Can I register someone for the meeting besides myself?  Spouse?  Child?

  • Yes

Can I still make changes/edits to my current meeting registration?

  • Yes

How do I edit my conference registration and the program items that I selected?

  • Go to the AAPT Services Portal (, sign in, look in "My Account" under the Participation" tab and use the link under the heading "Upcoming Event Registrations". If you need to cancel your registration or change the registration option that has been selected, contact us at or 301-209-3340.

How can I receive an itemized receipt for my meeting registration?

  • An itemized receipt will be available for download in "My Account" under the "History" tab. Look for "AAPT Event Transactions". You may also contact us at or 301-209-3340.

I just renewed my membership, why isn’t the meeting registration rate reflecting that?

  • It takes the system some time to update membership lists and verify payments. Please wait (24 hours) and then register for the meeting.

Feedback about the Portal Upgrade:

How do I provide feedback to AAPT about the upgraded AAPT Services Portal?