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The AAPT Executive Office works closely with the Executive Board and member volunteers to manage the operations, carry out directives, and create and uphold general association policies. The Executive Office represents the Association at public venues. It provides leadership and services for all AAPT activities and programs. The Executive Office further manages all external grant projects on behalf of AAPT.

Contact the Executive Office if you have questions about any of the Association's programs and services.

Executive Office

(301) 209-3311

The Executive Office oversees and leads the AAPT operations.

Contact the Executive Office about:

  • the International Science & Engineering Fair
  • the Presidential Science & Mathematics Teaching Awards
  • the AAPT Board of Directors

  • Beth A. Cunningham
  • Rachel Ivie
  • Lyle J. Barbato
  • Justine Boecker Harren
  • Benjamin Lefstein
  • Julie M. McIntyre
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Director of Higher Education Programs and Grants
  • Physics Digital Library Web Developer
  • Interim K-12 Manager
  • Managing Editor, The Physics Teacher
  • Executive Assistant


(301) 209-3322

The Communications department oversees the production of journals, magazines, and publications. Contact this department if you have questions about:

  • the file format of your submission of abstracts to National Meetings,
  • purchasing reprints,
  • obtaining copyright permission,
  • how to include a product in our catalog,
  • whether AAPT would be interested in producing your product, or
  • press releases.

If you have questions about your subscription, including how to file a claim for missing issues or how to change your name or mailing address, contact the Membership Department. In addition, Editorial & Publishing Services will not be able to answer questions about journal submission. Please contact the Journal Editor directly regarding unpublished articles.

  • David H. Wolfe
  • Jane Chambers
  • Marilyn Gardner
  • Ashauni Lennox
  • Director of Communications
  • Senior Publications Editor
  • Part-time Staff
  • Graphic Designer

Programs & Conferences

(301) 209-3340

The Programs & Conferences Department works closely with the Meetings & Program Chair and the Area Committees in planning all aspects of the two AAPT National Meetings. The department also organizes and manages the physics exhibit shows.

The department also coordinates the following programs for the Association:

Contact this department regarding the National Conference if you have questions regarding:

  • abstract submission,
  • session or workshop request form submission,
  • invited speakers,
  • hosting a summer meeting,
  • exhibiting.

  • Tiffany M. Hayes
  • Mas Tadesse
  • Jamar Jennings
  • Janet Lane
  • Director of Programs and Conferences
  • Interim Associate Director of Programs & Conferences
  • Registration and Logistics Coordinator
  • Programs Administrator


(301) 209-3333

The Membership Department is responsible for the recruitment and retention of AAPT members, institutional subscribers to the AJP and TPT journals. This department is also responsible for expanding AAPT's visibility within the scientific community, and assisting the local sections in dissemination of AAPT resources. Product order fulfillment (AAPT Store) and inventory control are also responsibilities of this department.

  • Mike Hall
  • Rogers Fuller
  • Jerri Anderson
  • Director of Membership
  • Associate Director of Membership
  • Marketing Manager

Finance & Administration

(301) 209-3330

The Finance & Administration Department manages the fiscal aspects of the operation, information technology, and human resources. The Department prepares budget reports and all financial statements. Budget reports are provided monthly, showing year to date comparisons of actual expenses to budget by cost center.

In addition, the following services are provided: General Ledger maintenance, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll Processing, Cash Receipts, Grant Accounting and Budgeting, as well as manages rental income and expenses.

The Department maintains the important papers and records of the Association and monitors the Association's investments. All tax and insurance (except health) issues are handled through the Department.

The annual audit report process to attest to the accuracy of the financial statements and the government grant submissions is a joint effort of the Finance Department and the independent auditors.

Contact this Department with any issues relating to reimbursements and human resources.

  • Michael J. Brosnan
  • Tania R. Hayes
  • Sylvia Sandiford
  • CFO
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Senior Accountant

Technology & Information Services

(301) 209-3337

The AAPT Technology Department maintains the network infrastructure and technology systems to support the operations workload and content created by the departments listed above. The Technology Department provides hardware, software and data services in support of AAPT staff and constituents. The department also maintains the infrastructure for the AAPT and ComPADRE web servers, and AAPT mail lists (listservs).

  • Erwin Campbell
  • Terry Samm
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Database Administrator