Role of Area Committees 
Area Committees play a major role in the governance of AAPT. They advise the Board of Directors, the Executive Office, and the Association at-large on issues relating to their particular areas of focus. 

They are considered the Association's intellectual resource and knowledge base in these areas. They are looked upon to identify related issues and practices of significance and to carry out projects and initiatives that will advance education in physics in general and the mission of AAPT. They are encouraged to take leadership roles in their areas of interest and respond and support the Association's strategic priorities and interests. In short, they serve the Association as both think tanks and work groups in their areas of interest.

Area Committees normally have nine members, including six appointed by the Nominating Committee and three appointed by the President-Elect.

The Handbook for Area Chairs includes information on planning for National Meetings and other committee responsibilities. For more information about the organizational structure, consult the


The Association completed and approved a new Strategic Plan on November 5, 2022. This plan is available for members, sections, and committees to review as they align their programs and activities with the goals of AAPT.  A PDF of the Strategic Plan.

To learn more about participating in committees, please see the Nominations & Elections page.


The following is a directory of all AAPT governing bodies, committees and groups as defined by the AAPT Constitution, as well as links to the directory of members and AAPT staff.