AAPT Partners

Thank you to the following companies and organizations for their continuing support of AAPT and helping to further the mission of the organization. Please visit the links below to learn how our Partners can help you become the best physics educator you can be.

AFMWorkshop, Inc. - AFMWorkshop manufactures high-quality, robust Atomic Force Microscopes that are intuitive to use for beginners or experts. Perfect systems for both physics education and research; affordable purchase price and minimal long term ownership costs.

American Institute of Physics - AIP advances the physical sciences by empowering Member Societies like AAPT leverage their expertise to benefit humanity. AIP is a federation and institute whose journalism, research, and student programs promote progress in the physical sciences. Come join us!

Arbor Scientific - Arbor Scientific is a leading provider of Physics and Physical Science teaching equipment. We work with teachers at all levels to provide unique demonstration and supportive teaching guides to make each learning experience fun and effective.

Biosense Webster (Israel) Ltd.

Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. - Digitalis manufactures and sells digital planetarium systems for portable and fixed domes. Our uniquely intuitive and untethered user interfaces make teaching interactive lessons a breeze. We also have our own line of Digitalis Inflatable Domes for a complete portable solution.

Expert TA

Kudu.com  - Kudu offers affordable, quality learning materials on a versatile platform. Digital textbooks with auto-graded homework, videos, and a 'clicker.' AI hints, editable content, and support for active learning align with modern teaching methods.

PASCO Scientific - PASCO Scientific develops innovative lab equipment for high school and university physics around the world. For over 60 years PASCO has designed high-quality apparatus and data logging systems to help prepare students for a future in scientific research and industry.

Polyhedron Learning Media, Inc. - Polyhedron Learning Media is a full-service technology development company that specializes in creating educational software such as virtual physics labs and experimental psychology experiments and demonstrations, along with iOS game apps.

Vernier Science Education - For more than 40 years, Vernier has been committed to hands-on STEM education. We support physics educators with high-quality technology, tools, and training that help students connect the dots between abstract physics concepts and the real world.

Interested in becoming a Partner? Becoming an AAPT Partner puts your company in front of the physics education community in the US and around the world. Take advantage of discounts on advertising and exhibiting at national meetings, among other benefits. Reach out to us at membership@aapt.org with any questions. Join today!