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Adapting Modeling Instruction to DIY Arduino (Microcontroller) Lab Equipment Development


A presentation from the 2014 Summer Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Arduino Microcontroller is an inexpensive, easy to program board that introductory students can use to create simple data acquisition equipment. However, standard training in microcontroller programming takes the form of either endless streams of dubious quality Youtube videos, or dense EE books on assembly language programming. Obviously, neither of these options is appropriate for the introductory University Physics Lab. In the work, I will describe how Modeling Instruction can be adapted to provide a conceptual and curricular framework for introducing microcontroller DAQ programming into the intro lab. Briefly, the process can be thought of as Model development (calibration, signal conditioning, algorithms), and Model deployment (physical analogs to context-rich group problems). Results from two implementations of this approach to the introductory lab, using both Arduino/C and Labview programming environments, will be discussed.


Nathan T. Moore

Andrew Haugen

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2014 Summer Meeting: Minneapolis, Minnesota

09:50 AM

Arduinos Micro-Controllers and Underwater ROV's


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