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An Alternative Proposal for the Graphical Representation of Anticolor Charge


A presentation from the 2018 Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA


We have developed a learning unit based on the Standard Model of particle physics, featuring novel typographic illustrations of elementary particles and particle systems. Since the unit includes antiparticles and systems of antiparticles, a visualization of anticolor charge was required. We propose an alternative to the commonly used complementary-color method, whereby antiparticles and antiparticle systems are identified through the use of stripes instead of a change in color. We presented our proposal to high school students and physics teachers, who evaluated it to be a more helpful way of distinguishing between color charge and anticolor charge. We present the alternative proposal in detail and highlight the main implications of our research, which we consider to be most promising for use in the physics classroom.


*Sponsored by Ian Bearden


Jeff Wiener,*

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2018 Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA

11:40 AM

21st Century Physics in the High School Classroom


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