2004 HS Photo Contest Pictures

2004 High School Photo Contest Pictures

2004 High School Photo Contest Winners
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129th AAPT National Meeting , Sacramento, CA



First Place - Contrived Category

Title: How to Hold a Ring of Water
Student: Patrick Ryan Moore
School: North Carolina School of Science, Durham, NC
Teacher: Loren Winters

In this picture, a long water balloon was held in the shape of a ring and then popped. Using a sound trigger and the open shutter technique, this image of the balloon was captured. The balloon rips away from the water so quickly that the water has accelerated very little due to gravity and appears suspended in the hand. Looking at the progress of the balloon rip counter clockwise from the location of the pop, we can see that the tear first propagates down the length of the balloon and then the balloon unsheathes itself from around the water.

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