2006 HS Photo Contest Pictures

2006 High School Photo Contest Pictures

2006 AAPT/Lexmark High School Photo Contest
Winner's Showcase



Second Place - Natural Category

Title: Winter Nebula
Student: Eurydice Rice
School: Boston Univ. Academy, Boston, MA
Teacher: Gary Garber

Shadows of pine trees are evident in the lunar reflection off of a puddle of water. A drop of oil spread across the water’s surface reflects a rainbow of colors, due to thin film interference from the oil layer. Each color, i.e., wavelength, is observed—due to constructive interference—at a particular angle relative to the lunar reflection, thereby creating a circular pattern. A second droplet hitting the surface creates ripples. Concentric circles are formed as the waves propagate outward, and as they continue moving outward the amplitude of each slowly decreases.

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