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Honorable Mention - Natural

Title: Snowy Landscape in a Spherical Icicle Covering a Dogwood Bud
Student: Catherine Guenther
School: Columbus School for Girls, Columbus, Ohio
Teacher: Kevin Sweeney

This picture shows the snow covered landscape of my backyard through a spherical encasing of ice covering a Dogwood bud. An ice storm entrenched this entire tree in ice covering every bud and branch. The spherical icicle acts as a double convex, converging lens which shows the real, inverted image of the snowy landscape behind it. Light rays from the distant landscape converge to form the small, real, inverted image of the snowy landscape. The landscape is much smaller when seen through the icicle because the icicle is farther away than twice the focal point of the object, which is the point at which the inverted image would be the same size as the object. Because the ice is fairly smooth, it produces a clearly defined image. The image ?wraps around? the icicle because the edges are slightly rounded.

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