The Value of Your AAPT Membership

Membership in AAPT offers essential tangible and intangible benefits—a unified voice, an active network, relative information, and valuable resources.

Unified Voice

The members of AAPT are part of the American Institute for Physics, representing more than 135,000 scientists, engineers, and educators dedicated to the advancement of physics. As an AAPT member, your voice is heard from congressional hearing rooms to the White House ( making a difference on science funding, scholarly publishing (, and STEM education initiatives. AIP international initiatives are opening doors to physics educators around the world (

Active Network

As part of an increasingly international membership, you will find friends and colleagues in AAPT around the globe. This network of dedicated physics educators provides a worldwide network to support your problem solving, professional development, and personal growth. Stay current with the issues and events affecting your careers by linking to AAPT's home page, reading the eNNOUNCER, liking us on social media. 

Relevant Information

AAPT promotes issues and individuals affecting STEM education with particular emphasis on physics. The eNNOUCER, our monthly electronic newsletter alerts you to news and opportunities that impact your career. The AAPT & Physics News section of our home page informs you about advocacy, awards, and announcements.  Peer reviewed journals, The Physics Teacher and American Journal of Physics provide current and past resources as the click of a mouse. The Statistical Research Center provides the latest data on education and employment in physics, astronomy, and allied fields.

Valuable Resources

AAPT provides many professional development opportunities and resources to help you solve your problems, improve your professional skills, and advance your career through scholarships, grants, and awards. There is a Career Center for members looking for new opportunities as well as those looking for qualified physics educators to fill a current open position. Membership also provides access to exclusive member discounts on resources from meeting registrations to gifts from the Physics Store.Whether you are an emerging, practicing, or emertus education professional AAPT membership is an unbeatable value. You can find it all as part of AAPT. To enjoy these benefits and more, start or renew your AAPT membership today