June 2022: Anne Cox

Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida

Anne Cox

  • Member since 1997
  • Professor of Physics
  • St. Petersburg, Florida

About Anne

AAPT has been a part of my professional life from very early on, and it has made all the difference. Yes, teaching physics is fun, and I love working at Eckerd, but connecting to the broader physics teaching community has pushed me to think more broadly about the physics classroom. I’ve taught introductory physics for over 25 years, and because of AAPT, I always have something new to try that will bring fresh energy to the class or lab. And, when I am teaching a class I haven’t taught in years (this year it was Quantum), I find just the resources I need from others– either at conferences or via ComPADRE’s various collections.

AAPT is also, where I have found inspiring mentors: people who invited me to join projects (Physlets, Open Source Physics project), nominated me for awards and leadership positions (eAlliance project) and generally welcomed me into the community. I think of AAPT as a professional home away from home, and I value that experience. I hope that as we begin to meet again in person and we welcome new members, others will get to experience the welcoming community that I have found.

Physics teaching is fun because I get to see “ah-ha” moments so clearly: watching a student’s expression go from the confused puzzle-frown to the clear-eyed “I’ve got it” is everything. It is why I teach and continue to look forward to learning from everyone else in AAPT.