October 2023: Dequan Foreman

Pomona College, Claremont, California

Dequan Foreman

  • Member since 2022
  • Senior Lab Technician
  • Claremont, California

About Dequan

My entry into the field of physics and my commitment to fostering student development find their roots in a confluence of my intrinsic dedication to service and a profound passion for Astronomy. My background as an Army Veteran has instilled within me an enduring ethos of community betterment and collective progress. This ethos materializes through my pivotal role in orchestrating laboratory setups and educational demonstrations within an academic setting, a responsibility that I regard as a distinct privilege. Concurrently, my unwavering fascination with Astronomy has served as a driving force propelling my engagement with the field of physics. The enigmatic expanse of space has perpetually captivated my intellectual curiosity, prompting not only an intrigue but also a yearning for profound understanding. The intricate tapestry of cosmic complexities, when juxtaposed with the potential for elucidation through guided academic exploration, has motivated my pursuit of physics. This fervor ingrained deeply within my ethos, impels me to facilitate the kindling of analogous cosmic intrigue within the minds of emerging scholars. To equip students with the means to decipher the mysteries of the universe stands as a central aspiration guiding my endeavors. Considering this, I am resolutely committed to reciprocating the immense value I have gleaned from my journey by making a meaningful contribution to the intellectual enrichment of the students I engage with.

In my capacity as Senior Laboratory Technician at the Physics and Astronomy Department of Pomona College, my pivotal contribution to the academic enrichment of students is epitomized through the adept orchestration of undergraduate physics laboratories and the presentation of engaging demonstrations closely aligned with their coursework. By meticulously designing and facilitating captivating demonstrations, I not only capture students' attention but also provide them with tangible insights into intricate physics concepts in action. These experiential encounters serve as a bridge between theoretical constructs and practical manifestations, fostering a deeper understanding. Additionally, my assiduously curated laboratories empower students to actively engage with theoretical frameworks, translating them into real-world applications. Through these immersive experiences, I facilitate a comprehensive grasp of physics principles, equipping students with a robust foundation for their academic journey.

During my leisure hours, I find deep gratification in pursuing my avocation, which centers on Astrophotography. Devoting approximately 4 to 6 hours on most evenings, I am engaged in capturing imagery of established nebulae. This endeavor requires meticulous dedication not only during the image acquisition phase but also through hours of post-processing to accentuate their most salient characteristics. This personal pursuit resonates profoundly with my commitment to aiding others and nurturing their enthusiasm for comprehending physics.