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Column Editor: Dan McIssac, SUNY Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY https://www.aapt.org/Publications/Visual-Physics.cfm


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Physics: The First Science by S. Brahmia and P. Lindenfeld Now Freely Available Online
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Chicken-Slapping Summer Silliness Redux
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Summer Professional Development for Physics Teachers
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The Big Misconception About Electricity (or how do circuits transport energy?)
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Rhett Allain on Confusion, Sweat, and Learning
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Using Physics to Make Your Classroom Safer Against COVID-19
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Summer Professional Development for Physics Teachers
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Underrepresentation Curriculum Project Revises Their Free Curriculum
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Call to Sign a Petition on Executive Order 13950
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Top online pandemic physics teaching recommendations from physPort.org
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Flipgrid.com – An easy-to-use free classroom student video site (website and smartphone app)
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Deadlines for teachers and students for summer physics and physics professional development programs
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