December 2017 Issue, Volume 85, No. 12American Journal of Physics, December 2017, Volume 85 Number 12


How tall can gelatin towers be? An introduction to elasticity and buckling

The stability of elastic towers is studied through simple hands-on experiments. Using gelatin-based stackable bricks, one can investigate the maximum height a simple structure can reach before collapsing. We show through experiments and by using the classical linear elastic theory that the main limitation to the height of such towers is the buckling of the elastic structures under their own weight. Moreover, the design and architecture of the towers can be optimized to greatly improve their resistance to self-buckling. To this aim, the maximum height of hollow and tapered towers is investigated. The experimental and theoretical developments presented in this paper can help students grasp the fundamental concepts in elasticity and mechanical stability.



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Apparatus and Demonstration Notes

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Back Of The Envelope

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American Journal of Physics 85, 963 (2017); DOI: 10.1119/1.5009445


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