May 2019 issue of The Physics Teacher


The Physics Teacher

Volume 57 Issue 5, May 2019


The Legacies of Apollo 11

This month's cover still captures the imagination after 50 years! Buzz Aldrin is shown standing on the lunar surface with Neil Armstrong and the lunar module Eagle evident in the helmet reflection. Greg DiLisi’s “The Legacies of Apollo 11” provides further reflections on the golden anniversary of this historic event. (Courtesy, NASA)




Letters to the Editor

More on “Making Physics Courses Accessible for Blind Students” by William DeBuvitz. DOI: The Physics Teacher 57, 276 (2019);

Cook’s response by Chelsea Cook. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098908

Diagramming the Sun-Earth-Moon system by Frank Daniel Lock. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098909


And the Survey Says..., Figuring Physics, iPhysicsLabs,   Little Gems, Physics Challenge for Teachers and Students, Fermi Questions, Talkin' Physics, Technology in the Classroom


Stone Skipping Physics by Charles F. Babbs. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098910

The Legacies of Apollo 11 by Gregory A. DiLisi, Alison Chaney, and Greg Brown. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098911

An Analytical Solution to the Extreme Skydiver Problem by Tony Corvo. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098912

High Voltage and Franklin’s Bells at Low Cost by Harry Cook, and Scott C. Dudley. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098913

Displaying All Object-Image Pairs of an Optical System by James Kelly. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098915

Operationalizing the AAPT Learning Goals for the Lab by N. G. Holmes, and Emily M. Smith. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098916

A More Challenging Mystery Tube for Teaching the Nature of Science by Michael Briggs. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098917

Using Games to Understand Physics Concepts by Matt Olmstead. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098918

Sports, Smartphones, and Simulation as an Engaging Method to Teach Projectile Motion Incorporating Air Resistance by Elizabeth Azhikannickal. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098919

When Do Two Waves Create a Heterodyne Wave? by Wayne Garver. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098920

Another Look at Combination Tones by Candice Harder-Viddal. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098921

Particle Physics: An Essential and Engaging Part of the High School Physics Program by Carol Polen. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098922

Special Relativity at Low Relative Velocities by Bruce J. Ackerson. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098923

Teaching Quantum Mechanics to Over 28,000 Nonscientists by J. K. Freericks, D. Cutler, A. Kruse, and L. B. Vieira. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098924

What a Metal Pipe Can Teach You About Magnetism by Maarij Syed, and N. Nuessle. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098925

Demonstration of a  by Faraday Cage Using a Metal Leaf Electroscope by Joon Hee Hong, and Jung Bog Kim. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098926

Introducing Scholarly Research to High School Physics Students by Kendal M. Leftwich, Juliette W. Ioup, and C. Gregory Seab. DOI: 10.1119/1.5098927


Additional Resources


Race and Physics Teaching Collection Resource

DNA Science TPT Element

DNA Science Lesson & Digi-Kit

Inspired by an article from The Physics Teacher, this multidisciplinary lesson and digital resource collection is based on How Rosalind Franklin Discovered the Helical Structure of DNA: Experiments in Diffraction (Braun, Tierney, & Schmitzer, 2011). Click the image to access this resource.