January 2018 Issue of The Physics Teacher

Volume 56 Issue 1, January 2018

The Physics Teacher

This month's cover is a fascinating view from inside an ice cave by Hans Strand (copyright Hans Strand Photography). Notice at the bottom left how the dirt outlines the sharper edges of the ice. This curious phenomenon is addressed by Bruce Ackerson in his also fascinating article, "Unexpected Patterns in Snow and Dirt."




Continuing conversations on equity in the physics classroom by Geraldine L. Cochran, and Gary D. White. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018672

Letters to the Editor

Unveiling nonsense to save physics by Lior M. Burko. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018673

Scherr responds by Rachel E. Scherr. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018674

Robertson responds by Amy D. Robertson. DOI:10.1119/1.5018675


And the Survey Says..., Figuring Physics, iPhysicsLabs, Little GemsAstronotes, Physics Challenge for Teachers and Students, Fermi Questions, Talkin' Physics, Technology in the Classroom, Visual Physics, and Websights.


The Slap Shot in Ice Hockey by Rod Cross and Crawford Lindsey. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018677

Unexpected Patterns in Snow and Dirt by Bruce J. Ackerson. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018678

On Mass, Spacetime Curvature, and Gravity by Allen I. Janis. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018679

A Simple Experimental Setup to Clearly Show that Light Does Not Recombine After Passing Through Two Prisms by Rafael Garcia-Molina, Alejandro del Mazo, and Santiago Velasco. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018680

Bed Prism Spectacles by Jair Lu´cio Prados Ribeiro. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018681

Fluorescence Spectra of Highlighter Inks by Jennifer J. Birriel and Damon King. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018682

Motivating Non-science Majors: The Technology of Electromagnetic Waves by Victor E. Henrich. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018686

Using Psychology in the Physics Classroom: Five Steps to Improving Classroom Effectiveness by Jo-Anne Brown. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018687

Do Active Learning Approaches in Recitation Sections Improve Student Performance? A Case Study from an Introductory Mechanics Course by R. G. Tobin. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018689

Modeling Acceleration of a System of Two Objects Using the Concept of Limits by Andrzej Sokolowski. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018690

Let’s Get Physical: Teaching Physics Through Gymnastics by Elena J. Sojourner, Adam J. Burgasser, and Eric D. Weise. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018692

Amazing Vibrations Within the Homopolar Motor by Stanislaw Bednar. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018694

Math Machines: Using Actuators in Physics Classes by Frederick J. Thomas, Robert A. Chaney, and Mart Gruesbeck. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018695

Book Reviews

A Review of Teaching and Learning STEM: A Practical Guide by Brian C. Utter. DOI: 10.1119/1.5018684

A Review of Principles & Practice of Physics by Stone Oliver, Alexander Staron, and Jennifer Marie Blue> DOI: 10.1119/1.5018685

Additional Resources

Race and Physics Teaching Collection Resource
DNA Science TPT Element

DNA Science Lesson & Digi-Kit

Inspired by an article from The Physics Teacher, this multidisciplinary lesson and digital resource collection is based on How Rosalind Franklin Discovered the Helical Structure of DNA: Experiments in Diffraction (Braun, Tierney, & Schmitzer, 2011). Click the image to access this resource.


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