Race and Physics Teaching, September 2017 Theme Issue


Volume 55 Issue 6, September 2017


The Physics Teacher

This month's cover  evokes the theme of this fall’s special collection: “Race and Physics Teaching.” The relay runners, shown over a rich backdrop of iconic physics images, appear in many shades and varieties of body types to reflect the inherent non-binary nature of race and gender, subjects that are far too often treated as strictly binary. What aspects of this mosaic speak to you as a teacher? (cover art by Jen Geanakos)



Unique voices in harmony: Call-and-response to address race and physics teaching by Geraldine L. Cochran, and Gary D. White

Letters to the Editor

Eyewitness to Hindenburg disaster responds by Mark Heald

AAPT Member Spotlight

Ximena C. Cid


And the Survey Says..., Figuring Physics, iPhysicsLabs, Little Gems, Technology in the Classroom, Astronotes, Physics Challenge for Teachers and Students, Fermi Questions, Talkin' Physics, Visual Physics, and Websights.

Responses to the Call for Papers on Race and Physics Teaching (Co-editor, Geraldine Cochran)

Teaching About Racial Equity in Introductory Physics Courses by Abigail R. Daane, Sierra R. Decker, and Vashti Sawtelle.

Puerto Rico: Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and Physics Teaching by Wilson J. González-Espada, and Rosa E. Carrasquillo.

Learning to Do Diversity Work: A Model for Continued Education of Program Organizers by Dimitri R. Dounas-Frazer, Simone A. Hyater-Adams, and Daniel L. Reinholz

The Chi-Sci Scholars Program: Developing Community and Challenging Racially Inequitable Measures of Success at a Minority-Serving Institution on Chicago’s Southside by Mel S. Sabella, Kristy L. Mardis, Nicolette Sanders, and Angela Little.

Common Challenges Faced by Women of Color in Physics, and Actions Faculty Can Take to Minimize Those Challenges by Angela Johnson, Maria Ong, Lily T. Ko, Janet Smith, and Apriel Hodari.

Integrating Conversations About Equity in “Whose Knowledge Counts” into Science Teacher Education by Rosemary S. Russ.

Living Ethnoastronomy: Discovering the Connectedness of the Human Spirit Beneath the Night Sky by Richard Paul Hechter, and Nayif Awad.


Inexpensive Dramatic Pneumatic Lift by Robert A. Morse.

Electrical Power Quality – What’s Behind the Outlet? by William H. Baird, Jeffery Secrest, and Clifford Padgett.

Smartphone Magnification Attachment: Microscope or Magnifying Glass by Timo Hergemöller, and Daniel Laumann.

The Role of Data Range in Linear Regression by M. A. Salgueiro da Silva, and T. M. Seixas.

Additional Resources

Race and Physics Teaching Collection Resource

DNA Science TPT Element

DNA Science Lesson & Digi-Kit

Inspired by an article from The Physics Teacher, this multidisciplinary lesson and digital resource collection is based on How Rosalind Franklin Discovered the Helical Structure of DNA: Experiments in Diffraction (Braun, Tierney, & Schmitzer, 2011). Click the image to access this resource.


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