Solar Eclipse_NASA 2014

Teaching About the Solar Eclipse:  Articles from The Physics Teacher and the American Journal of Physics


The Physics Teacher Articles

2014 Lunar Eclipse over Fermilab by Martin Murphy. The Physics Teacher 52, 565 (2014);

2017 Solar Eclipse by Jay M. Pasachoff. The Physics Teacher 54, 68 (2016);

Don't Miss Sunballs During a Solar Eclipse by Baird Dean. The Physics Teacher 54, 259 (2016);

In the Shadow of the Moon—An Informative Guide to Solar Eclipses Totality: Eclipses of the Sun by Mark Littman, Ken Willcox, and Edward Pascuzzi. The Physics Teacher 29, 319 (1991);

Pinhole Images of the Eclipsing Sun by Thomas B. Greenslade Jr. The Physics Teacher 32, 347 (1994);

Tides, Eclipses, and the Densities of the Sun and the Moon by Laurent Hodges. The Physics Teacher 25, 427 (1987);

Total Solar Eclipse to Sweep Across Americas by Jay M. Pasachoff. The Physics Teacher 35, 515 (1997);

Using the Solar Eclipse to Estimate Earth's Distance from the Moon by Mikolaj Sawicki. The Physics Teacher 34, 232 (1996);

Video spectroscopy—Emission, Absorption, and Flash by Donald F. Collins. The Physics Teacher 38, 561 (2000);

American Journal of Physics Articles

A Classroom Exercise to Determine the Earth–Moon Distance by E. Roger Cowley. American Journal of Physics 57, 351 (1989);

Eclipse Pinhole Images by Jay M. Pasachoff. American Journal of Physics 82, 269 (2014);

New views of the Solar Wind with the Lambert Function by Steven R. Cranmer. American Journal of Physics 72, 1397 (2004);

On Shadow Bands Accompanying Total Solar Eclipses by A. L. Stanford Jr. American Journal of Physics 41, 731 (1973);

On Shadow Bands Accompanying Total Solar Eclipses by Richard L. Feldman. American Journal of Physics 42, 1024 (1974);

Resource Letter SPh-1: Solar Physics by Jay M. Pasachoff. American Journal of Physics 78, 890 (2010);

Resource Letter OSE-1: Observing Solar Eclipses by Jay M. Pasachoff, and Andrew Fraknoi. American Journal of Physics 85, 485 (2017);

The First Three Rungs of the Cosmological Distance Ladder by Kevin Krisciunas, Erika DeBenedictis, Jeremy Steeger, Agnes Bischoff-Kim, Gil Tabak, and Kanika Pasricha. American Journal of Physics 80, 429 (2012);

The Solar Corona by Leon Golub, Jay M. Pasachoff, and Raymond N. Smartt. American Journal of Physics 67, 263 (1999);

Solar Eclipse Predictions by J. Mottmann. American Journal of Physics 48, 626 (1980);