Section Officers

Michigan Section

Section Representative

Bradley S. Ambrose (05/31/2019)

Grand Valley State University


Taoufik Nadji (05/31/2019)

Interlochen Center for the Arts

1st vice president

Alan D. O'Keefe (05/31/2019)

Lansing Community College

2nd vice president

Nita Kedharnath (05/31/2019)

University of Michigan


Steve Dickie (05/31/2019)

Divine Child High School


Donald M. Pata (05/31/2019)

Grosse Pointe South High School

3rd past president

Leslie O. Latham Jr. (05/31/2019)

Port Huron Northern High School

2nd past president

David Shane (05/31/2019)

Lansing Community College

1st past president

Laurence H. Tarini (05/31/2019)

University of Michigan - Flint

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