Section Officers

Southern Atlantic Coast Section

Section Representative

Bob Powell (04/15/2019)

University of West Georgia


Sarah Formica (04/15/2019)

University of North Georgia

Vice President

Chad Sosolik (04/15/2019)

Clemson Univ


Edward R. Forringer (04/15/2019)

Past President

Larry Engelhardt (04/15/2019)

Francis Marion University

Executive Committee Member

Milind V. Kunchur (12/31/2018)

University Of South Carolina - Columbia

Executive Committee Member

Christopher E. Wozny (12/31/2018)

Dalton State Coll

At Large

Anota O. Ijaduola (04/15/2019)

University of North Georgia

At Large

Ginger Bryngelson (04/15/2019)

Francis Marion Univ

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