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OAPT 2009 Conference Report

OAPT 2009 Meeting Photo 

Patrick Whippey and Rolly Meisel of the Ontario Association of Physics Teachers created an excellent report of the section's 2009 conference. You can find all of the details on OAPT's meeting site, as well as some of the speakers' presentations on their program and workshops pages.

Idaho-Utah Section Meeting, Namp, Idaho, March 28-29,2008

Idaho-Utah Bed O' Nails Demo 

The annual meeting for the AAPT Idaho-Utah Section had a lot of wonderful demonstrations, and folks there were great enough to film them! Below are some samples, but be sure to visit the meeting's page for all of the footage, as well as details from their meeting. There's also some useful and interesting videos on their 2007 meeting's page.