Summer 2023 AAPT Fellow is Lin Ding

Summer 2023 AAPT Fellow is Lin Ding

Lin Ding Named AAPT Fellow


College Park, Maryland, United States, April 17, 2023—AAPT Fellows Awardee for Summer 2023 is Lin Ding, Physics Education Researcher at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. AAPT Fellows are distinguished physicists, educators, administrators, and communicators who have been recognized for their contributions to the physics education community.

Dr. Lin Ding, Department of Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University has been named as an AAPT Fellow by a unanimous decision of the AAPT Awards Committee for recognition at the AAPT Summer Meeting 2023 to be held in Sacramento California. The AAPT Fellowship is awarded to AAPT members for exceptional contribution to AAPT’s mission, “To advance physics teaching and learning by serving as the trusted hub for valued resources and programs, facilitating strong professional networks, and supporting members to advocate for physics education.” The committee citation for Dr. Ling’s award is as follows:

“For exceptional work to advance teaching and learning through development of research-based, innovative methods for assessment of student learning outcomes, and attention to ensuring equity and inclusion for educators in physics learning spaces with teacher education programs.”

Nominators noted that Dr. Ling does world class quantitative PER involving innovate assessment methods, asking important questions that elevate his work with collaborators. Dr. Ling has focused efforts on ensuring that the broad community of physics educators are supported and included in his PER work, with educators at the high school and college level putting his work to good use to improve their teaching. Nominators noted that he has worked to secure federal funding to “produce leaders in STEM teaching for high-needs, grade 7-12 schools.”, evidencing his commitment to promoting equity and inclusion in physics education.

About the Award
The criterion for selection of Fellows is exceptional contribution to AAPT's mission, to enhance the understanding and appreciation of physics through teaching. Fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition by one's professional peers. Any AAPT member who has maintained an active membership for at least 7 years is eligible for nomination for Fellowship. Nominations are evaluated by the AAPT Awards committee and approved by the AAPT Board of Directors.

About AAPT
AAPT is an international organization for physics educators, physicists, and industrial scientists—with members worldwide. Dedicated to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of physics through teaching, AAPT provides awards, publications, and programs that encourage teaching practical application of physics principles, support continuing professional development, and reward excellence in physics education. AAPT was founded in 1930 and is headquartered in the American Center for Physics in College Park, Maryland.