Elizabeth Cranford (Tommi) Holsenbeck

Elizabeth (Tommi) Holsenbeck

Physics Specialist for AMSTI (Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative)/Alabama Science in Motion at Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama



1985-87 University of Alabama, 1965-1968 Auburn University-B.S. in Home Economics, 1964-65 Southern Methodist University

Current Memberships

AAPT, Alabama Section of AAPT, Alabama Science Teachers Association, National Science Teachers Association, Delta Kappa Gamma

AAPT Activities

Secretary/Treasurer Alabama Section of AAPT 2007-2010, Chairman of High School Photo Contest 2011, Friend of the Committee on Physics in High Schools, Friend of the Committee on Educational Technologies

Other Activities

PTRA 2004-2010, PTRA for Rural Workshop at Auburn University 2005-2007, PRISMS (Physics Resources and Instructional Strategies to Motivate Students)- Trainer 1988 -1993, C3P (Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum in Physics)-Trainer 1996-1999, Labnet (TERC)- Mentor 1990-1994, ASPIRE (Alabama Supercomputer Program to Inspire Computational Research in Education)- Regional Coordinator 1995-2002, PS4ET (Physical Science for Elementary Teachers) funded by Alabama Commission on Higher Education Eisenhower Grant-Trainer 1992-1995


It is an honor to be nominated to serve AAPT as the High School Representative on the Executive Board because I owe the successes in my teaching career to AAPT and the members that have unselfishly given of their time to help me grow professionally.  "Those to whom much is given, much is expected.....".  I can never repay the people in this organization for all they have done for me, but I can offer my service and time.  
As a new, but mature, teacher for the first time in a high school classroom, I faced students by studying countless hours every night to stay ahead of my physics classes.  The only thing I knew to do was to cover the book from Chapter 1 through Chapter 25, in sequence of course.  However, in 1998, AAPT invited me to a PRISMS institute that changed my perspective, gave me confidence, and opened my eyes to the "wonderful world of physics".  There are thousands of teachers out there that are just like me and they need to connect with AAPT, they just don't know it yet.  My hope is to find ways to help them realize the tremendous resources available to them through AAPT.
Physics education has become my passion.  I am fortunate enough in my present position to serve 21 classrooms in the high schools of west-central Alabama/The Black Belt.  I mentor teachers throughout the year and take high and low tech equipment on my van to students and share with them all the wonderful tips, techniques, tricks of the trade and of course toys that I’ve learned about through physics programs and workshops.  These opportunities have found me because of my membership in AAPT.  I am the non-traditional physics teacher, like many I know, that was lucky enough to teach physics by a back door entry and now I classify myself as a PHYSICS TEACHER. 
As the  high school representative, I would represent ALL the high school teachers, not just the physics majors.   As a member of the board and a traveling science mentor, I will be able to expose teachers to all of the wonderful opportunities afforded them through AAPT and help them realize the benefits available to them and their students.   This organization has been my doorway to opportunity and my lifeline when I needed help. I will embrace the challenge of exploring ways to help AAPT thrive financially while expanding the services offered to teachers across the nation.