Section and Area Committee Mini-Grants

The AAPT Executive Office announces the Section and Area Committee Mini-Grant Program. These mini-grants are designed to build and strengthen the Local Sections, their members, and the ties to AAPT National Organization or to assist Area Committees in supporting efforts associated with implementing the 2022 AAPT Strategic Plan.

Each Section Representative and Area Committee Chair is invited to apply for a mini-grant of up to $1,000 for initiatives that will support the work of their  local Section or Area Committee. Preference will be given to initiatives that focus on the growth and development of struggling sections and that have a lasting effect on the community (for Sections) or projects that contribute to implementing the 2019 AAPT Strategic Plan.

Program Details

The Board of Directors established the AAPT Section and Area Committee Mini-Grant program as follows:

  1. The AAPT will offer up to 10 mini-grants to the AAPT Sections and Area Committees.
  2. The award amount will be up to $1,000 per Section or Area Committee.
  3. Projects are expected to be completed within a year but  can be up to two years in length with justification.
  4. Preference will be given to awards going to
    1. section projects that reach many members and whose proposals have the potential for lasting effect. Priority will be given to struggling sections or joint proposals between struggling and thriving sections;
    2. area committees who align projects and initiatives with the 2019 AAPT Strategic Plan.
  5. All awardees must submit a short report including a list of attendees (for awards supporting workshops) and/or products created from the funds.  Reports must also include the impact of the project on the Section and/or the physics education community.  The report must accompany receipts submitted for reimbursement.
  6. Section Grant awardees must also agree to submit an article about the activity to the Section News and also report on their activity at the Section Representatives meeting at a National Meeting (preferably the next meeting following the grant-related activity).
  7. All original receipts must be submitted in order for reimbursement to be processed.  Copies of credit card bills highlighting expenses related to the grant are not sufficient for reimbursement.  If a Section is a 501c3, then the Section can receive funds directly from AAPT as long as appropriate paperwork showing 501c3 designation is provided to the Executive Office.
  8. If it is anticipated that a project extends past the project end date, the Section Representative or Area Chair must contact the Executive Officer to request an extension for 6 months (or less) past the original end date.  Extensions may only be granted for extenuating circumstances.  Requests for an extension must be received before the original project end date.
  9. If it is anticipated that the scope of the project will change, the Section Representative or Area Chair must contact the Executive Officer as soon as possible to request a change in scope.  If the project deviates too far from the original scope, the request may be denied.
  10. Mini-Grants may be funded from endowed funds, such as the Dodge Fund, when the proposal fits the guidelines and furthers the purpose of that fund.

Applications will be due by July 1st  (deadline extended until July 16, 2021) for consideration at the Summer Meeting and January 1st for consideration at the Winter Meeting.  The application should include the following

  • A one- to two-page description of the proposed activity.  If the proposed activity includes workshops, please include a description of the workshops including date(s) and location where they will occur.  The description should include the estimated value and impact of the proposed activity on the Section and/or physics education community.
  • The start and end date for the project.  Projects are expected to be completed within a year but may be up to two years in length if the project description includes justification for a two-year project.  Note that AAPT will not provide reimbursement for receipts submitted more than a month after the end date of the project, and
  • A detailed breakdown of the requested funds including honoraria, estimated travel expenses, meal costs, etc.

Applications must be submitted here.  Applications will be reviewed by the "Section and Area Committee Grants Selection Committee" to be composed of the AAPT President, AAPT Treasurer, the Chair of the Section Reps (Chair of the ad hoc committee), the Vice Chair of the Section Reps, and one additional Board of Directors member.  The Executive Officer or designee will serve as staff liaison (ex officio, without vote) to the Selection Committee.  Awardees will be announced after each national meeting.  Questions about the Section and Area Committee Mini-Grant program can be sent to