Executive Officer Commentary, December 2007

A Letter to Members
Executive Officer's Commentaryundefined

By Toufic Hakim
December 17, 2007

Dear AAPT Member,

In this season of giving, I invite you to help advance physics education by giving to the AAPT Annual Fund, which supports a variety of activities.

The growth of AAPT, and through it the strength of physics education, depends on the financial support of our members and friends.

In this season of hope, please place AAPT on your 2007 philanthropy list. Consider $500 if you can or $100 if you choose. We appreciate every dollar and every thought that you send our way. Far beyond the financial return come next April 15, I hope you will experience the rich rewards of giving to this special organization.

If you have been one of our benefactors in 2007, please accept my gratitude on behalf of the AAPT community and all those who have directly and indirectly benefited from your generosity. Please consider increasing your contribution or suggesting to a colleague that his or her tax-deductible gift will help support the ongoing work of AAPT.

Your contribution to the Annual Fund makes it possible for us to offer special rates to certain members at our meetings (first-timers, regional educators, and international attendees). It also assists us with other meeting costs, such as subsidizing special events and covering student registrations and participation. Producing additional copies of Interactions magazine (such as the diversity and careers issues), expanding our web presence, and many other activities that help sustain this special organization all result from your generous support.

Our association is special because of you. Our volunteer base is strong; our members represent the full educational spectrum; and our programs and publications, which you help organize and support, have over time enriched hundreds of classrooms, laboratories and curricula, and the minds and even lives of thousands of educators and students.

Our association is special because members share a passion for physics and a commitment to teaching; because we have a strong conviction that physics as a fundamental science is critical to improving the human condition; because we believe that physics is not just for those who major or specialize in it (and we need more of them!) but also for educating the citizenry in our highly technical world; and, yes, because we need to explore and share physics for the love of it.

AAPT is special because even greater possibilities await ahead, in a world demanding more effective science and physics teaching and learning; and because we consider it our obligation to serve and support every physics educator and, through every educator, every student of physics and in physics—across gender, race, ethnicity, and nationality. Too idealistic maybe, but can we be content with the world of physics education as we know it? Our calling is to make it better!

During my first 15 months at the Central Office, I have been constantly impressed by the great pride that our members have in this association. I have been touched by the great commitment that our members have in making a significant difference in the lives of their students and colleagues. We want nothing less than to expand these opportunities.

And please remember this: However effective we become in serving the broader community and the greater good, we are ever committed to serving you, our valued member, to the best of our ability.

Please consider giving at www.aapt.org/Donations. Your help will not only nurture the “passion” of AAPT, but make it possible for us to expand our reach and impact, and make a tangible difference.

Wishing you and yours overflowing blessings of hope, health and peace.

Toufic Hakim

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