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Member Spotlight

H. Vince Kuo
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

I joined AAPT in 1999 as a new graduate student in physics education research. At the time I had the idea that joining this organization will allow me to not only disseminate my work, but also learn from other experts by attending their presentations and workshops, and having them provide invaluable feedback and critiques that will inform my research. Over the years, as I progressed through the profession, I came to realize that being a member of AAPT provided me with significant benefits far beyond my initial narrow perspectives; most important of which is being a member of a professional community full of enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated physics educators.

Reflecting back, I realize that the opportunities that I have had to interact with the pillars of this community helped shaped, and continues to help refine, my educational philosophy. Conversations with educators from all levels and types of institutions, as well as interacting with the resources and curriculum developed by the members of AAPT, contributed to my recognition of the importance and relevance of contexts, constraints, and adaptations. All of these continually inform the refinement of my teaching and learning environment. I can say without hesitation that I will not have the career that I?ve had without the benefits that I have received from being an AAPT member.

So to contribute and give back to physics education, I try to provide opportunities for others to experience similar benefits. Inside the classroom, I develop and refine learning environments to help students sharpen both content and procedural knowledge, and appreciate life and nature through a physics lens as I have. I also strive to serve in ways that allow me to help make connections between resources, students and educators, or products, consumers and practitioners. It is my wish that, in creating these networking opportunities and connections, and in building these communities locally and nationally, the subsequent interactions will flame enthusiasms, passion and dedication in others as they have always done so in me.

A big thank you to all the supportive friends, colleagues and administrators along the way and at CSM, as well as those within the Sections and National AAPT for helping me become a physics educator.