2011 team

Photo of Calvin Deng

Calvin Deng

Raleigh, NC

William G Enloe Magnet High School

Grade: Sophomore


Clarinet, Chess, Ultimate Frisbee, Programming


Band, Science Olympiad, Science Bowl


2010 International Math Olympiad Silver Medalist, USAMO winner, USNCO, USACO


When I was in preschool and elementary school, my parents found that I had some talent in mathematics, so they helped fuel that talent by helping me develop my mathematics and problems solving skills. (I still remember working in a 'Grade 5-6 Math' book in Kindergarten.) After my parents gave me the initial 'push', I started studying mathematics on my own.

My first exposure to the world of academic competitions came in 6th grade, when I tried out (successfully) for our school MathCounts team. Even though I didn't make it to the national competition that year, I really enjoyed the experience of meeting other individuals who shared a common interest with me. I continued working and preparing for math competitions, and managed to qualify for the National MathCounts competition in the next two years.

Of course, one of the natural applications of mathematics is in physics. In the summer after 8th grade, I started picking up physics, and turned to my dad when there was anything that I needed help on. I enjoyed being able to apply some of the concepts in the real world (ok, the real world of frictionless vacuums). To me, physics is most fascinating because it explains why and how our world works the way it is in a simple set of laws and equations.

I would like to thank my dad for introducing me to the world of physics and made it possible for me to be on the Physics Team this year. I look forward to the camp and hope to see the rest of the team there!

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