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Albert Wu

San Jose, CA

The Harker School

Grade: Junior


Watching baseball and all sorts of sports, playing piano, swimming and playing ultimate frisbee.


Science Bowl, School Swimming Team, Ultimate Frisbee Club, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Cum Laude


USAMO qualifier (2007 - 2011), 2009 MOSP participant, USAPhO Semifinalist(2010, 2011), USACO Gold Division contestant , 2011 Chemistry Olympiad school winner, 2011 USABO Semifinalist, JETS Junior Varsity Division National Champion (2010), CA State Champion for High School Economic Challenge in 2011, CA MTAC Piano Panel winner (2010), American Fine Art Festival winner for Piano (2011).


I am a currently a junior at the Harker School in San Jose, California. I love all fields of math and science and have participated in many of these competitions. My first foray into math competitions was the AMC 8 I took in 5th grade. After that, I became quite involved in math competitions, particularly the AMC and Mathcounts. In both 7th and 8th grade, I qualified for the USAMO and represented California at the National Mathcounts competitions. I enjoyed solving problems of varying degrees of difficulties and in many different fields which lead to my involvements in many olympiad-level competitions listed above.

My interest in physics began when I took the Honors Physics class in my freshman year. Although I did not immediately begin preparing for physics competitions, I enjoyed the class a lot. I truly appreciated the combination of theoretical problem solving and performing experiments. I decided to take the AP Physics C class the following year which gave me more in-depth knowledge of mechanics, electricity and magnetism . This year, though I am not taking any physics class, I have spent the year developing my problem solving skills, reviewing basic physics concepts, and applying them to solve some practice problems. Independently, I also read more on topics not covered in my AP Physics, most notably thermodynamics and waves. I thought that I had only a slim chance of being invited to the training camp, and I was surprised and overjoyed to be part of the 2011 US Physics Team.

Besides math and science, I truly enjoy sports and music. I am a member of the varsity swim team at my high school, and I founded the school Ultimate Frisbee club with a few of my friends. My favorite sports team is the San Francisco Giants, who will once again win the World Series in 2011 (you heard it here first)! I have been playing piano ever since I was five years old and have performed and competed in many different venues and levels. Above everything else, I look forward to meeting other team members and learning physics with so many talented individuals in May.

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