2011 team

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Sadik Shahidain

Princeton, NJ

Princeton High School

Grade: Junior


soccer, video games, watching movies, chess


Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, Math Team, Chess Team, Soccer Team


USAJMO winner, USAMO qualifier, Physics Bowl Regional Winner, USNCO, 3rd Place TMIMO


In my early years, I developed a strong affinity for mathematics and my parents helped me to nurture and grow that interest as I moved along through elementary school. Then, in middle school, I joined the Math Team and found that I really enjoyed competing with and learning from other kids who also liked mathematics. I also had my first introduction into physics in middle school, where I learned basic kinematics, and I quickly came to like the mathematical qualities of nature that physics attempts to describe.

Then, I came to high school and I joined my school's Science Olympiad and Science Bowl teams, which helped to expand my knowledge and interest in all areas of science, especially in physics and chemistry. During my sophomore year, I took an accelerated Physics course, which greatly broadened my knowledge and understanding of physics, to the point where my teacher suggested that I try out the Physics Bowl competition. I subsequently participated in it and did pretty well, but I realized that I still had a lot to learn, which drove my desire to pursue physics even more. This year, I am taking AP Physics C, which has enabled me to explore physics from a more, rigorous calculus based perspective, and it also helped me to prepare for both rounds of the Physics Olympiad competition.

I think the main reason that I like physics is because it attempts to explain how everything within our grasp works through a simplistic, elegant use of mathematics. As for why everything works, that is a question of belief that differs from person to person, but mine mainly derives itself from what I have learned down the years from my parents, my religion, and my own experiences.

I have always loved mathematics, but my interest in physics has recently been catching up, so I hope this camp will continue to fuel that interest.

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