AAPT Summer Meeting 2021




AAPT is accepting applications for the Special Projects and Philanthropy registration grants and dependent care grants.  The application is a short, two-question survey. AAPT membership is required. 

What do you get from these grants?  

  1. If selected, professional members may receive a reimbursement of $50. 
  2. For students, you may receive a reimbursement of $29. This is the full registration cost for students. 

Who is eligible? 

  1. We strongly encourage applicants with marginalized identities (e.g., ethnic/racial and gender minorities)!
  2. We also will prioritize students who will not be reimbursed for their participation from their institutions. Students with externally funded registration are not eligible for these awards. 
  3. Other prioritized groups are high school teachers, early career faculty, and faculty from two-year colleges

Deadline for applications is July 8, 2021. 

Please click here for the application.

AAPT Virtual SM21 Registration and Dependent Care Grants

AAPT has set aside funds to help members of the physics education community defray the cost to attend the AAPT Virtual 2021 Summer Meeting.  Two types of grants are available: 

Grants in the amount of $50 to be applied to the registration fee.  

  1. AAPT members and registrants of the Virtual SM20.  Retired, emeritus, and student members are not eligible for registration grants. 
  2. NSBP and NSHP members are eligible for diversity registration grants with consideration given to AAPT members. 
  3. A portion of the funds will be given to high school and two year college faculty who are from underrepresented groups and/or from institutions whose students are predominantly underrepresented.  (For information about racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in our discipline, see the bottom of this webpage.)

A limited number of $50 grants will be available to presenters for dependent care. These individuals must be giving a presentation in order to be eligible.

Preference will be given to applicants who explain clearly why a grant is necessary. In the event that the number of requests for grants exceed the funding available, preference will be given to applicants in the early stages of their careers and to those whose participation in the meeting is critical to their professional development.    Applicants must be registered in order to receive a grant.  A credit of $50 will be applied to grant recipients’ credit card.

Deadline for applications is July 8, 2020. 

The Special Projects and Philanthropy Committee will review registration grants. The Dependent Care Committee will review the depedent care grants. 


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