AAPT Winter Meeting 2024



AAPT Travel Grants

AAPT has set aside funds to help members of the physics education community defray the cost to attend the 2024 AAPT Winter Meeting (WM24).   The Special Projects and Philanthropy Committee has limited funds to help AAPT/NSBP/NSHP members attend an AAPT national meeting.

Travel Grant Eligibility
  1. AAPT professional and student members who are registered for the winter are eligible for travel grants.
  2. The National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP) and National Society of Hispanic Physicists (NSHP) members are eligible for diversity registration grants with consideration given to AAPT members. 
  3. Post-secondary, K-12 educators, and students who have secured other support to fully fund the expenses for attending the meeting are not eligible for travel grants.  
  4. Section Representatives, Area Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs, and other committee chairs and members are not eligible for a travel grant if they are receiving funding from AAPT to attend the meeting.
  5. Previous travel grant recipients are eligible to apply

The Deadline to submit an application is November 6, 2023. 


Apply here

What do you get from these grants?  

If selected, awardees may receive a grant of up to $500 to support travel to the 2024 AAPT Winter Meeting.

Who should apply? 
  1. The priorities for funding include specific individuals who contribute to the goals of AAPT’s Strategic Plan and are:
  2. K-12 teachers, especially those who teach in rural schools or schools with >50% of the students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.
  3. Early career faculty and teachers (early career is defined as someone who is actively employed as a post-secondary or K-12 educator and has at least three years but no more than six years of active experience in teaching, educational support, educational research, or outreach position).
  4. Faculty from Two-Year Colleges.
  5. Undergraduate or graduate students who will not be reimbursed for their expenses to participate from their institutions.
  6. Individuals from higher education institutions that are: Minority-Serving, Predominantly Black, Hispanic-Serving, Tribal College or University, Asian American and Native Pacific Islander-Serving, Native American-Serving Nontribal, Alaskan Native-Serving, or Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions.
  7. Individuals who contribute to Strategic Plan Goal 5.

Please note that applicants are eligible to apply for this grant even if they have previously received one of these grants. The Special Projects and Philanthropy Committee will review the applications.


Apply here

Deadline: November 6, 2023


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