New Faculty Commencement Conference

July 21-23, 2017

in tandem with the AAPT National Summer Meeting July 22-26, 2017

University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, Blue Ash, OH

There are three major goals of the commencement conference.

  1. To present participants of the New Faculty Experience with another set of instructional strategies that can be used to teach introductory physics at two-year colleges.  Likely topics will include ICP21, Spiral Physics and project-based physics.
  2. To allow the participants to share with each other and the leaders what they have accomplished during the New Faculty Experience.  Each participant will present to the group either through a poster or an oral presentation.
  3. To introduce participants to the larger community of physics teachers and the professional growth opportunities available at a national AAPT meeting.  During the Two-Year College breakfast and Committee on Physics at Two-Year College’s semi-annual meeting, participants will be introduced to other Two-Year College instructors and friends.  We will also have sessions allowing participants to present at the national meeting the posters or oral presentations they prepared for the commencement conference.

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