2004 HS Photo Contest Pictures

2004 High School Photo Contest Pictures

2004 High School Photo Contest Winners
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129th AAPT National Meeting , Sacramento, CA



Honorable Mention - Natural Category

Title: The Wonderful World of Water
Student: Michael Page
School: The Pingry School, Martinsville, NJ
Teacher: Joan Hearst

Water dropped into a bowl of water will create a column of water with interesting properties. Due to surface tension and gravity, the end of the water column or splash forms into droplets, as demonstrated by the three curved sections of the column. The height and diameter of the splash is a function of the size of the water drop released above the bowl, its impact velocity, the density and viscosity of the water, and gravitational acceleration. Only if the water in the bowl is very shallow will depth be a factor in splash height. The water column also acts as a lens through which we can view the colored stripes that lie below the glass bowl of water.

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