2006 HS Photo Contest Pictures

2006 High School Photo Contest Pictures

2006 AAPT/Lexmark High School Photo Contest
Winner's Showcase



First Place - Contrived Category

Title: Demonstration of Newton’s First Law of Motion
Student: Kevin Rosenquist
School: West Chicago Community High School, West Chicago, IL
Teacher: Annette Rubino

This contrived photo was conceived and created to demonstrate Newton’s first law of motion. This law states, "Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless a net external force is applied to it." To stage this photo, a long balloon was filled with water, set on a railing, and punctured with a sharpened awl. The balloon's skin retracted almost instantaneously, leaving its contents unsupported and subject to the force of gravity. The water immediately began to accelerate downward but, due to its inertia, moved only a very small amount by the time the photo was taken. The result is a picture of a momentarily frozen log of water.

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