2006 HS Photo Contest Pictures

2006 High School Photo Contest Pictures

2006 AAPT/Lexmark High School Photo Contest
Winner's Showcase



Honorable Mention - Natural Category

Title: How Big Is It?
Student: Rachel Sandler
School: John Burrougs School, St. Louis, MO
Teacher: Mark Schober

Fractals are self-similar structures that can be extended over a large area. Fractals are shapes or objects that are recursively constructed or self-similar at all scales. This means that they look very similar at all size scales. My photograph could be of a particle of sand, a stretch of beach, or a number of sand dunes photographed from a plane. The size of the scene is difficult to determine because of the fractal self-similarity of the dunes. In fact this photograph is a stretch of beach about 3-by-3 feet that has been chiseled and shaped by the waves that continuously beat upon it. It is a perfect example of a fractal in nature.

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