2015 Apparatus Competition Winners

Winners were announced at the 2015 Summer Meeting in College Park, Maryland.

2015 Apparatus Competition Booklet

1st Place ($1000)

"Inexpensive Pneumatic Lift"2015 1st Place Winner

Robert A. Morse
Washington, DC

2nd Place ($600)

"Shoebox Spectrograph"2015 2nd Place Winner

Timothy Grove
Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne

3rd Place ($200)

"Physics of the Respiratory System: the Lung-Alveoli Apparatus"Donaldson and Gosselin - 3rd place apparatus sm15

Nancy Donaldson and Charles Gosselin
Rockhurst University

Honorable Mention

"Wave Machine"2015 Honorable Mention

Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr.
Kenyon College

"Projectile Motion Sprinkler"2015 Honorable Mention

Paul Fratiello
Eckerd College