Egg Drop Contest

The 2016 Six Flags Physics Day will be held April 22, 2016. To find out how you and your school can enter this exciting contest, read the rules and suggestions that follow.

Your challenge is to build a container to protect an egg when it is dropped from a crane in the Gotham Arena at the Six Flags America Amusement Park.

AAPT, American Physical Society (APS), and Society of Physics Students (SPS) have partnered with Six Flags America to design a contest for teachers and their students to get involved at the Six Flags America Physics Day. Students are encouraged to build a container to protect a raw egg when you drop it from a crane in the Gotham Arena.

Official rules for this contest:

  • You may work alone or in groups of up to 4.
  • You may not spend more than $15 on your container.
  • No motorized parts.
  • Nothing can be permanently attached to the egg.
  • Your container must be in free fall during the drop. No bungee cords or tethers.
  • No container that would change the properties of the egg such as cooking.
  • The egg must be visible to spectators while in the container.
  • Grand Prize: Will be awarded to the person or group that protects their egg most successfully, i.e. after the most drops and highest drop.
  • Prizes will also be awarded for "most creative design" and "best decorated"
  • Teachers must complete the Egg Drop Contest entry form (see below) and submit it when you arrive at the amusement park, it can also be sent in advance.

Egg Drop Contest Entry Forms:

Entry Form (Word)
Entry Form (PDF)

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