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2010 High School Photo Contest Top 100 Gallery

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  • "In Flight"

    Alexandra Maria Anton

    Fenwick High School

    Teacher: Richard Beebe

  • "The Web of Refraction"

    Honorable Mention, Natural Category

    Inkisar S Anwar

    Fox Chapel Area High School

    Teacher: Dan Malone


    Sofia Armengol

    Fenwick High School

    Teacher: Mr. Beebe

  • "Alcohol on the wrong side of the wine glass"

    Desire Baranshamaje

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

  • "The Orion Nebula"

    Nathan Paul Barnes

    Northfield High School

    Teacher: Rebecca Messer

  • "The Essence of Dance"

    Multiple Image, Contrived Category

    Samantha Lynn Birk

    Oceanside High School

    Teacher: Mr. Sheinkopf

  • "Transverse Waves"

    Alexander Louis Bisch

    Northfield High School

    Teacher: Rebecca Messer

  • "Images of pool balls increasing in size within mirror illustrates phenomenon of images produced by a concave mirror of objects closer than focal point"

    Alexander Christian Bond Bishop

    Tamalpais High School

    Teacher: David Lapp

  • "The Life of a Snowflake"

    Honorable Mention, Natural Category

    Amanda Boone

    Viewpoint School

    Teacher: Mrs. Nancy Argano-Rush

  • "Colorful Shadows"

    Robert Davis Born

    Champaign Central High School

    Teacher: Darren Plattner

  • "Miner's Pool Melodrama"

    Travis Patrick Boswell

    University High School

    Teacher: Pamela Tautz

  • "Natural Mirrors and Lenses"

    Honorable Mention, Natural Category

    McKenna Lee Botts

    Cherry Creek High School

    Teacher: Jessica Olsen

  • "Light Of The Night"

    Firat Bozgeyik

    Mersin Doga Koleji

    Teacher: Fatma Eryilmaz

  • "Sandstorm"

    Fiona Marie Bracho

    Wildwood School

    Teacher: Tengiz Bibilashvili

  • "Beauty of Convex Lens"

    Ka Man Chan


    Teacher: SO MIU SHAN

  • "Back From Whence We Came"

    Scott Soule Cheloha

    Lower Merion High School

    Teacher: Nora Christman

  • "The Physics Behind Explosions"

    Brendan Jay Clarke

    El Modena High School

    Teacher: Robin Lingle

  • "Physics of a Piano"

    Megan Nicole Clevenger

    Lake High School

    Teacher: Brad Rauschenbach

  • "Tucson Sunset"

    Audrey Renee Cortesi

    Salpointe Catholic High School

    Teacher: Sarah Streb

  • "The Kaye Effect"

    Honorable Mention, Contrived Category

    Ellen Alice Eichelberger

    Kuna High School

    Teacher: DaNel Huggins
































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