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2012 High School Photo Contest Top 100 Gallery

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  • "Duck Diffraction"

    Nana-Kwabena Adjapong Abrefah

    McLean High School

    Teacher: Ms. Genyne Epstein


    BERKE Ataç


    Teacher: NÄ°LGÃ?N SERBEST

  • "Bubble Vortex"

    Isabel Miranda Avery

    Evanston Township Highschool

    Teacher: Mr. Dubrow

  • "Forced Perspective"

    Leslie Jean Bauska

    Annie Wright Schools

    Teacher: Donald Sidman

  • "Trumpeter Reflection"

    Kathryn Leigh Bealka

    Apponequet Regional High School

    Teacher: Julie Mills

  • "Reflection Ride"

    Remy Jean Bessolo

    La Reina High School

    Teacher: Mrs. Usher

  • "The Wish"

    Aislinn Bleck

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

  • "Physics Agrees, Ladies First"

    Erica Breckling

    Valley Central High School

    Teacher: Dr. Paul Fritz

  • "Curves of Time"

    Fionnuala Callahan

    Delaware Valley Regional High School

    Teacher: Patrick Callahan

  • "Never Ending Light"

    Clare Marie Camilleri

    Pope John Paul II High School

    Teacher: Mary C. Sevon

  • "Light My Fire"

    Laura Campbell

    Four Rivers Charter Public School

    Teacher: Mark Acton

  • "The Projectile Motion of Fountains"

    Emily Morgan Casper

    Convent of the Sacred Heart

    Teacher: Saffron Castle

  • "Diverging Lens"

    Micaela Rose Chavez

    Tamalpais High School

    Teacher: Dave Lapp

  • "Motion on the Huron River"

    Andrew Chen

    Northville High School

    Teacher: Jonathan Thomas-Palmer

  • "The Pressure of Heels"

    Jennifer Cheng

    Freehold High School

    Teacher: Erin Rudowski

  • "Gone With the Wind"

    Emily Marie Churchill

    Helias Catholic High School

    Teacher: Matt Zeitz

  • "Light Scattering"

    Honorable Mention, Natural Category

    Michael Adam Contegni

    Smithtown High School East

    Teacher: Dr. Gillian Winters

  • "Reflections"

    Haley Jane Cook

    Collins Hill High School

    Teacher: Kameron Pence

  • "Starring ...... Light"

    Erin Rachel D'Aleo

    Plymouth Regional High School

    Teacher: Vivian O'Brien

  • "Static Slide"

    Lea Davis

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs
































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