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2014 High School Photo Contest Top 100 Gallery

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  • "Is that Rainbow Random or Related?"

    Ellie Aburn

    Notre Dame Preparatory School

    Teacher: William Whitney

  • "Wavy Guitar"

    2nd Place, Contrived Category

    Christian Ricardo Alvarado

    Elsik High School

    Teacher: Ms. Hernandez

  • "Dolphins: Too Fast for Friction"

    Ravia Arora

    Crofton House School

    Teacher: Ms. Schwartz and Ms. Anderson

  • "Perception"

    Alexander Astorga

    West Boca Raton Community High School

    Teacher: Elizabeth Wenk

  • "Just A Twist"

    Jeremiah Ledesma Aujero

    Maine West

    Teacher: Brian Kay

  • "The Physics of a Roller Coaster"

    Claire Elizabeth Baker

    McGill-Toolen Catholic High School

    Teacher: Mrs. Rebecca Hyre

  • "Lemon Lamp"

    Blake Perry Beber

    Rye Country Day School

    Teacher: Mary Krasovec

  • "Optical Conclusion"

    Skylar Louise Black

    Cherry Creek High School

    Teacher: Whitney Mernitz

  • "Mountain of Reflection"

    Katherine Quattrocchi Brady

    Evanston Township High School

    Teacher: Mr. Dubrow

  • "Powerful book"



    Teacher: YIJUN HU

  • "Spectral Keyboard"

    Dina Chen

    United States

    Teacher: Jonathan Bennett

  • "Modelling Doppler Effect"

    Honorable Mention, Contrived Category

    Kevin Chung

    Albany High School

    Teacher: Valerie Risk

  • "Charged Cat"

    Kyle Thomas Condon

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

  • "The Physics of A Great View"

    Joshua Raymund Cortez

    Christ the King Cathedral School

    Teacher: Dr. Chaloupka

  • "The Great Blue Heron"

    Gabriel Costa Franco

    West Boca Raton Community High School

    Teacher: Maria Aparicio

  • "How birds can fly"

    Miriam de Dirgo

    Christ the King

    Teacher: Alice Chaloupka

  • "Bright Friday Mornings"

    Nicole Elisabeth Dersheid

    Bellingham High School

    Teacher: John HOffman

  • "Through the looking Bulb"

    Dominique Desroches

    West Boca Raton Community High School

    Teacher: Maria Aparicio

  • "Colliding With Water"

    Garrett Dickson

    Glenbard West HS

    Teacher: Bruce Medic

  • "Green Cascade"

    Samantha Erin Ernst

    Quince Orchard High School

    Teacher: Cindy Hollies
































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