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2017 High School Photo Contest Top 100 Gallery

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  • "The Physics behind Pulling a Tablecloth out from Underneath Plates"

    Justin Leung

    freehold high school

    Teacher: Erin Rudowski

  • "Cold Lakeside Morning"

    Honorable Mention, Natural Category

    Daniel Yuezhou Li

    University Transition Program

    Teacher: Ludmila Shepelev

  • "Recurrence"

    Tongxin Li

    Beijing National Day School

    Teacher: Tian Tian

  • "Water Tilt"

    Michael Peter Linecker

    High Tech Los Angeles

    Teacher: Mr. Kevin Merrill

  • "Illusion City"

    Sichen Liu

    The Gunnery

    Teacher: Steven Bailey

  • "Blowing Ring Bubbles"

    Eleanor Lo Re

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

  • "Crystalline"

    Maggie Lu

    University Transition Program

    Teacher: Ludmila Shepelev

  • "luminous triangle"

    Chendan Luo

    Wuhan Foreign Languages School

    Teacher: Chen Fei

  • "Slinky walking down the stairs"

    Layla Eve Maria

    Valhalla High School

    Teacher: Mr. Federico Duay

  • "Reflecting on Refraction"

    Ryan Joseph Mashack

    Central Columbia High School

    Teacher: Thomas Gill

  • "Kinetic Friction: When Sparks Fly"

    Tommy McEnroe

    Glenbard West

    Teacher: Daniel Scott

  • "Ollie"

    Skyler McCoy Modrzejewski

    Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

    Teacher: Ty Buxman

  • "Capturing a Catenary"

    Michael Angelo Montanile

    Maine West High School

    Teacher: Jeffrey Tieman

  • "The Physics behind a Rainbow"

    Michael James Nicholas

    The King's Academy

    Teacher: Jennifer Arrington

  • "Water Ripples"

    Tim O'Brien

    Deerfield Academy

    Teacher: Mark Acton

  • "My In-tree-guing Image"

    Justin Oh

    Bergen County Academies

    Teacher: Ozgur Dogru

  • "As Vibrant Hues Turn to Twilight"

    Jasmine Chinyere Okereke

    Canyon Springs High School

    Teacher: Mrs.Elbo

  • "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls"

    Sarah Parsons

    Solomon Schechter Westchester

    Teacher: Sarah Wigodsky

  • "The Headless Runner"

    Victoria Vandiver Patterson

    Deerfield Academy

    Teacher: Eric Calhoun

  • "It’s a Mirror-cle!"

    Nikita Irina Pelletier

    Deerfield Academy

    Teacher: Mark Acton
































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