2006 HS Photo Contest Winners

2005 High School Photo Contest Winners

2006 AAPT/Lexmark High School Photo Contest
Winner's Showcase

This year, AAPT partnered with Lexmark International, Inc., to present the High School Physics Photo Contest. Physics students from around the world were challenged to submit a photo illustrating a physics concept. The students were required to take the photo themselves and to write a summary of the physics occurring in the photo. The 17 winning photos in the showcase below were judged by AAPT members to be the best of 100 finalists. The winners were chosen in July at the 2006 AAPT Summer Meeting in Syracuse, NY.

Prize information can be found here.

Coming soon: an expanded showcase featuring the remaining 83 entries (AAPT members only). Also coming soon, information about the 2007 contest.

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Natural Category

Third Place
Nils Rocine
Tamalpais High School
Teacher: David R. Lapp
Honorable Mention Margaret Koerber
The Academy of the Sacred Heart
Teacher: Steven Collins
Honorable Mention Elizabeth Martin
Prospect High School
Teacher: Keith Bellof
Honorable Mention Rachel Sandler
John Burrougs School
Teacher: Mark Schober
Honorable Mention Brooke Sneeuwjagt
Huntingtown High School
Teacher: Jonathan Everett
Honorable Mention Kellsey Triebes
Glenbard West High School
Teacher: Bruce Medic
Special Recognition - Outstanding Physics
Oscar Wasilik
Bell High School
Teacher: Diana Hall
First Place
Marina Autina
Treasure Valley Math & Science Center
Teacher: DaNel Hogan
Second Place
Eurydice Rice
Boston Univ. Academy
Teacher: Gary Garber

Contrived Category

First Place
Kevin Rosenquist
West Chicago Community High School
Teacher: Annette Rubino
Second Place
Matthew Claspill
Helias High School
Teacher: Matt Zeitz
Third Place
Helen He
North Toronto Collegiate Institute
Teacher: Mark Kinoshita
Honorable Mention Kirk Carson
Olentangy High School
Teacher: Mary Battershell
Honorable Mention Bohao Pan
Cranbrook Kingswood School
Teacher: Frank Norton
Honorable Mention Leah Reimers
Treasure Valley Math and Science Center
Teacher: DaNel Hogan
Honorable Mention Ryan Shea
Huntingtown High School
Teacher: Jonathan Everett
Honorable Mention Aaron Wasserman
Tamalpais High School
Teacher: David R. Lapp
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