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Wavering Cityscape by Ryan Blake Miller

Honorable - Natural Category

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School: University Transition Program

Teacher: Ludmila Shepelev

There are often instances in our everyday lives when the physics concept of light reflection and refraction can be observed. This photograph provides just that opportunity. The modern skyscrapers that occupy downtown Vancouver, BC are reflected by the waters of False Creek. Instead of a simple mirror image, the rippling and movement of the water itself creates a visually intriguing texture and adds to the artistic composition of the photo. From a physics standpoint, the incident rays from the buildings in the foreground travel towards the water and bounce off the surface at a myriad of different angles which correlate to the undulation of the liquid?s surface. The rays of light, having all been refracted at different angles, travel towards the camera and are captured. The result is an artistic photograph reminiscent of surrealism which the viewer is able to appreciate as being a sight which seems familiar, yet amiss.

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