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Photographic Phenomenon by Antoine Ferguson

Honorable - Natural Category

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School: The McCallie School

Teacher: Dave Hall

This photo has not been retouched or manipulated by Photoshop or any other photo retouching software. It was taken in Father Dave Hall's sixth-period photography class. Some water had spilled on top of a clear plastic table in the photography studio. A blue flag with our school logo on it was lying underneath the table. After snapping the photo and observing it, I noticed that the 'McCallie M' from the flag had been inverted or refracted in the droplets of water.

I asked Mr. Mouron, one of our physics teachers, how this could have happened. He said that the water droplets are acting as converging lenses. That means that rays of light are diffracted or bent and caused to come together to form a real image. Real images are inverted and can be projected onto a screen.

I thought it was a pretty cool photo. But Father Hall really liked it and showed it to everybody.

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