Barbara Wolff-ReichertBarbara Wolff-Reichert Travel Grants

An endowment fund, established in 2023, to support first-time high school teacher attendees to an AAPT national conference.

This endowment was created by Jonathan F. Reichert to honor Barbara Wolff Reichert and to encourage new high school physics teachers to attend and participate in national meetings of the American Association of Physics Teachers.  It is motivated by Barbara’s own transformation by her experience at AAPT national meetings which led to many creative and effective changes in her own teaching career.  One of the most notable impacts was the development of the book Amusement Park Physics which she helped create, develop, and disseminate.

Details of the fund:

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Grant Application (Applications are due June 1st.)

  • Who can apply?  High school physics teachers who have at least two years of teaching experience and have never attended an AAPT national meeting.
  • The grant will fund: travel, lodging, food, and registration (complimentary on a one-time basis for the recipient).
  • AAPT will provide a host mentor at the meeting to mentor and guide the recipient during the entire meeting making sure that the recipient’s experience is maximized.
  • Application: The application will be submitted along with other Special Projects & Philanthropy travel grant applications and will include a brief biography, a response to include why the applicant wants to attend an AAPT national meeting, what the applicant hopes to learn from the meeting experience and a description on what the applicant believes they can contribute to AAPT. The Special Projects and Philanthropy Committee will evaluate applications and determine which application(s) meet the criteria, provide meaningful responses, and should receive an award.
  • Recipients will be required to submit a report to AAPT after the meeting, with comments and suggestions on what worked and what can be improved.
  • Grants will be given for either the winter or summer meetings.
  • Notification to applicants who receive funding will include a brief biography of Barbara’s contributions to education and her awards.
  • Future contributions will be added to the fund.