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E. Leonard Jossem International Education Fund

   E. Leonard Jossem

E. Leonard Jossem

Established in 2011

The E. Leonard (Len) Jossem International Education Fund provides grants to individuals in support of international  programs dealing with teaching and learning of physics. Len Jossem was one of the prime international leaders in physics education, especially many programs associated with the AAPT.  He understood the impact that reaching out to others had on improving physics and physics education, particularly across the globe.  His passion was to foster collaboration and cooperation since "physics research knows no borders."  The fund will be available for two different categories:

  1. Collaborations between U.S. and developing countries.  Funding should facilitate interactions and exchanges of ideas between U.S. physics educators and/or students and those in developing countries.
  2. International meetings and conferences focused on physics education.  Meetings and conferences should involve direct contact between physics educators and furnish the interactions that stimulate new ideas and lasting collaborations.  Students and faculty with limited resources can apply for funding to attend international meetings and conferences.

The funds will be available to any AAPT member actively engaged in the teaching and learning of physics: graduate students, post doctoral fellows, and high school, college, and university faculty.

Proposals requesting funds must address the networking aspects of the project since Len Jossem appreciated the importance of communication and collaboration as keys to the success of any project.