Projects Supported by the Bauder Fund

  • Gilbert Ayuk, Fulton-Montgomery Community College. The request was for supplies for a K-12 workshop in using Smartphone Apps for high school laboratory experiences in the Fulton and Montgomery Counties in upstate New York. The grant requested $500 for supplies for the workshop which was projected to cost $856.61. The budget included $127.50 for travel and $162.00 for food which could not be funded by the Bauder grant. We approved $567.11 which would cover more of the cost, which would exclude food and travel.
  • Stephen J. Mecca of Providence College requested $870 for augmenting Lab in a Box for some schools in Ghana. This will be supplemented by contributions from other NGO’s and faith-based organizations in the area. We approved the request as proposed.
  • Sam Sampere requested funds to supplement the costs for the ring flinger workshop he was planning on offering in the winter meeting in San Diego. Sampere had requested up to $2,500 for a $100 subsidy on the $200 materials cost for up to 25 participants. We approved a modified request limited to $100 a piece for the first 15 participants who were high school teachers. This limits the award to a maximum of $1500.
  • David Sturm, Maine School of Science and Mathematics requested $440 for light box kits and accessories.
  • Lamberto Jeresano, Basic Astronomy in Philippines requested 990 for 18 Galileoscopes and tripod to celebrate International Year of Light.
  • William Layton, Southern California AAPT, combined two requests for a total of $550 for collisions carts and $500 for inexpensive Harbor Freight multimeters for high school outreach.