Schedule & Presentation: SPIN-UP Regional Workshop at Hampton University, May13-15, 2011

Download the Hampton Workshop Report (PDF, 19 pages, 421KB) 


Human Capital Development in Physics

Crown Plaza Hotel, Hampton, VA (all sessions will be held in the hotel)


Friday, May 13

          1:00 p.m.      Registration begins

          5:30 p.m.      General wecome to the workshop            Paul Gueye

          5:40 p.m.      Introductions

          6:45 p.m.      Break

          7:00 p.m.      Dinner:           Welcome to the University: Dean Robert Dixon

          8:00 p.m.      Introduction to SPIN-UP and Its Results     Ruth Howes

          8:30 p.m.      Goals of This Workshop                            Jim Stith

Saturday, May 14


          7:30 a.m.      Breakfast

          8:15 a.m.      The Experience of Three Physics Departments:

                   Tuskegee University                     Zengjun Chen

                   Jackson State University              Wilbur Walters

                   Spelman College                          Michael Burns-Kaurin

          9:45 a.m.      Planning Session I:  Building Departments I: Departments

                             determine where they would like to be in 5 or 10 years and 

                             identify the major challenges they face.

          10:40 a.m.     Break

          11:00 a.m.     Administrative issues in Academia               Quinton Williams

          11:45 p.m.    Planning Session II:  Building Departments II:  Using

                            collaborations with a) other departments on one’s own

                            campus and  b) physics department at other institutions.

          12:30 p.m.    Lunch sponsored by SPS

           1:15 p.m.     SPS and the HBCUs          Gary White, Director of SPS

                                                                    Hampton University SPS Chapter

           2:00 p.m.     Interaction Between the Physics Societies and HBCUs:

                   APS              Peter Muhoro                   

                   AAPT            Beth Cunningham

                   NSBP            Paul Gueye

           3:00 p.m.     Break

           3:20 p.m.     Current Programs at the Funding Agencies:

                                      NSF             Caesar Jackson

                                      DoE              Mark Koepke

                                      NIH              Nathaniel Stinson

                                      NASA           Thomas Pinelli

          4:20 p.m.      Planning Session III:  Building collaborations with professional

                             societies and funding agencies

          5:50 p.m.      Break

          6:00 p.m.      Dinner 

          7:00 p.m.      Physics Departments and the National Landscape     Jim Stith


Sunday, May 15

           7:30 a.m.     Breakfast

           8:15 a.m.     2 minute presentations by each department on concrete steps it

                             plans to take to increase numbers of majors and/or foster

                             collaborations on and off campus;  departments will be given

                             poster paper to write this down.  We’ll collect for report and


           9:40  a.m     Break

          10:00 a.m.     Planning Session IV:  Preparation of detailed plans for

                             community wide proposals

          11:00 a.m.     Groups report out on the progress of their discussions.

          11:40 a.m.     Wrap up and evaluation

          12:00 noon    Adjourn