SPIN-UP logoWhat is the Purpose of the Task Force?

  1. To provide an overview of undergraduate physics revitalization efforts and to coordinate the efforts of physics professional organizations, individual physicists and physics departments, and funding agencies.
  2. To identify areas in which revitalization efforts are needed and to catalyze projects addressing those needs. Some of the projects will be national in scope; some local, some regional. Some will be centered in universities; some in professional societies. Some will require extensive external funding; some will leverage local resources. All these efforts will be strengthened if they can be coordinated and if those working on one activity can learn from the others.
  3. To raise the visibility of undergraduate physics revitalization by having its members speak and write about the revitalization effort and maintain communications with the entire physics community.
  4. To develop contacts with undergraduate revitalization efforts in the other scientific disciplines and to promote physics as a model for undergraduate revitalization efforts.